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I couldn’t figure it out.

No matter how hard I tried or how much I tried to make myself become a better person, I just kept failing. I was frustrated and I was starting to lose interest.

My whole life I’ve been calling myself a Christian. As far back as I can remember that’s just part of how I identified. The problem was that as a grownup I started feeling guilty and embarrassed to tell people about that identity because I definitely didn’t act like a Christian. I was judgy, I had a bad mouth, I did all kinds of things that Christians are taught not to do. Something had to change, because I was failing miserably at trying to fix those behaviors on my own, despite my natural tendency toward self-discipline.

For a while there I had to really take a step back and look at where my life was. I was newly married to my wife Jenna. We were living in a little apartment in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The puppy I bought her in an attempt to curb the baby crazy talk she kept on with backfired and made her want kids even more. Thanks a lot, Mojo!

I was average.

I was steadily getting promoted in the Army and by all normal standards we were doing fine. But I knew better. I knew that I wasn’t growing the one thing that I knew really mattered. My faith. More than that though, I didn’t even know where to start and was too embarrassed to ask for help because I grew up in church and should have known better, right? It took about a year of having this nagging sensation of failure before I started a more active search for what I had to do to become the husband and leader my wife deserved. I also knew that once we had kids I’d be even more underwater because I knew I was definitely not equipped to be a father.

I realized I needed to fix it.

The realization that I was not who God intended me to be, and that it was up to me to man up and begin the journey to figure out what that meant, was the trigger that started all of this.  As I grew and matured I realized that the way to success in the areas of faith, relationships, health, and finances is entirely up to the quality of the decisions I made day after day. There’s no life-hack that can fix your marriage, no get-rich-quick scheme that will repair your finances, and there is certainly no class you can attend that will give you faith and an active walk with God. Furthermore, if you’re trying to fix these areas on your own and ignoring the fact that your faith is the only fuel that can sustain your growth longterm, then you are polishing the brass on the Titanic. None of your success will have mattered.

This is how I’m doing it.

I’ll get to the point. My life didn’t change until I began diving into the questions I had. I was looking for real answers to questions that had always been answered with generic Sunday school answers. I was trying to find practical answers to fundamental questions. I’ll tip my hand up front and say that the answer to relationship, health, and financial issues all ties back to the level of engagement I had in my faith. The key to changing my station in those areas was to figure out what Biblical principals I needed to turn into habits and lifestyle choices. And that’s what this series is going to be all about. I want to take you through a sequence of topics, with one topic every two weeks, to explore what the Bible says on these areas. My hope is that you will find the same combination of clarity and motivation that I’ve experienced, and hopefully your learning curve will be a fraction as long as mine has been.

So every other week I’ll introduce a new concept in the basics of faith building, relationships (with your spouse, children, friends, and strangers), the basics of health habits (food, activity, and rest), and one of my personal favorite topics, finances. I’ll give you an idea of how I was average or below it in each of those areas and then explain where I intend to be, and I’ll give you the practical steps on how I am consistently working on getting to the next level in each of those areas. Since it costs you nothing to read this, it would be crazy not to follow along! We are in a state of overwhelm because of the information overload we experience in all of these areas of life, so I want to go back and make sure that we start at the beginning.

My goal is to show you how to get the basics right.

My ultimate goal is to help those who are sick of being average. I want to show you the dangers of the “sleepwalker” routine of work, TV, sleep, repeat – the average in our society. I want to watch the next generation succeed, so the least I can do is to show you what has worked for me. I want to end average. So sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already, you’ll get these posts directly to your inbox for free. Follow along and try the actions and habits I’ll propose, and stay in touch and let me know how it’s working for you in the comments or by emailing me directly!

Let’s end average together.

Up next:

We will go right into the series and we’re staring with the faith category. We will explore the concepts of making this your fuel that sustains growth, understanding the fact that you can’t believe in something you don’t understand, and what habits and steps will help you grow your faith. You don’t want to miss this!

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