End Average Fundamentals Finances 4

We’ve reached the end of the End Average Fundamentals series! This is the final post where we round out the financial section, and I get to leave you with some closing thoughts.

Understanding the real goal of End Average

Up until now we have covered the importance of getting out of debt and the basic mindsets it will take to seek true financial freedom. The main takeaway I want to leave you with here is the concept of stewardship. Stewardship is the act of managing your time, talent, and treasure for the glory of God in the ways that He has instructed us in the Bible.

Financially speaking, we achieve stewardship by having margin. By living below our means, there is enough money to give, to take care of all expenses, and to live on a plan. We should seek to be able to take care of our loved ones now, and also create a legacy that carries into the future. It’s a lot easier to say than it is to do. This concept applies to any income level, so there are no excuses of not making enough money to achieve it. Ultimately if you’ve got too much money leaving than you’ve got coming in your only options are to either figure out what to cut, or figure out how to bring more in. If this concept still feels foreign to you, I encourage you to surround yourself with people who understand it and can mentor you in the practical ways that a biblically-sound steward lives and uses their money.

Stewardship in all areas of life

Stewardship also applies to the other areas we’ve covered in this series. Relationally, we need to be mindful of the influences we allow into our minds, and we also need to pay attention to the people we spend our time with. You will become like the people you are closest to, so choose wisely. Your mental bandwidth is limited, so surrounding yourself with garbage influences and energy-draining people will sap your bandwidth faster than my kids streaming Moana on a 4G hotspot. 

We are also the stewards of our bodies. It is our duty to maintain our energy and health. This can be achieved though proper diet, resting, and appropriate exercise. Neglecting to take the right steps by educating ourselves on proper nutrition and well-being opens the door to fatigue and preventable ailments.

Bringing it all together

Faith, relationships, health, and finances are closely intertwined. If we fail or focus too much on one area we will inevitably suffer in the others. The classic example is when someone focuses too much attention on financial success and loses their relationships and health in the process. Will it have been worth it? By getting the fundamentals right, and securing a sound foundation based on a growing faith and relationship with God, we can elevate the other areas in life a little more with every wise decision we make.

Remember that there is no degree, course, or life hack that can magically create a wonderful and fulfilling life. This can only be achieved if you consistently make the right choices when the little daily decisions come your way. When trying to gauge growth, please remember that you should not be comparing yourself to others, only to the person you were yesterday. Feed your mind and heart with the right information and act on it… it’s called you Daily Bread for a reason. It takes time and effort, but I promise that as you align your mind and heart to the will of God, you’ll see the positive effects.

The End Average way is not intended to make you a better person for your own good, it is entirely aimed at freeing you up to allow God to shine through you so that you can glorify Him. We will never be perfect on this side of eternity, but by improving daily and by living by example you are fulfilling your calling to further the Kingdom of God on Earth. You get to shine so that your spouse, children, friends, coworkers, and anyone else you come into contact with can see that the Holy Spirit is at work in you. Our mission is far greater than our own personal success.

I pray that you have been blessed and educated by this Fundamentals Series, now it’s up to you to actually implement it. Let’s get our broken human nature out of the way by embracing the identity of Christianity and living out our new standards.

Let’s end the average ways of living life that keep us back and perpetuate brokenness. We can be the driving force that changes future generations by showing our modern culture what right looks like.

Let’s end average together.

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