Self-helpĀ is bogus. Uh oh, I said it…on my own self-help blog! Seems like a dumb move on my side, but I’ve got an axe to grind with this one. Self-help is bogus IF you don’t put the lessons you’re learning into action. I’ll go a step further and say that the sermons on Sunday mornings are relatively worthless if you don’t act any different than when you plopped down in the pew.

In talking with a few good friends of mine we realized that there is a clear difference between the people who are able to take the action necessary to implement change, and those who (for whatever reason) never actually take action. I’ll label this superpower the “X-Factor”. This is the ability to pick something you want to work on in your life and then actually come up with a plan that you will execute.

Are you that kind of person? Do you have the X-Factor?

In the end, I think that everyone really does have the X-Factor, it just might not be activated yet.

Let’s end the cycle of planning but never acting. Let’s end average together.


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