I’ve talked a lot about not wasting time and the importance of continuously learning – so today I’ll give you a peek behind the curtain on how I do both of those at the same time! The secret? It’s free, it’s unlimited, and it’s awesome. Podcasts!
In case you don’t know what they are, welcome to the new Earth. Historically information was a luxury that only the wealthy or educated could access, and even then it was limited. But now we have way too much information! Unfortunately, the colorful and flashy garbage we consume now days hardly improves us. It’s doing the opposite. So before I get bogged down and complain about the evils of TV shows and social media I’ll show you the list of podcasts I’m listening to these days and maybe you’ll see something that would interest you! This is all about using your time wisely by constantly learning and growing.
If you are new to podcasts please don’t be intimidated, just go to that “junk” folder on your phone where you put all the stuff you can’t delete, look for the purple Podcasts app and open it up. Once you’re in it, you can scroll through the top-rated podcasts or search for anything your mind can muster – there is. Someone out there making podcasts about everything, not all of them are good or constructive, but it’ll be there. You can subscribe to them so you can always be updated when a new one is published by that author. I listen to them when I’m driving or exercising. Nothing against music, but I have many hours a week where I get to learn more about certain topics and improve myself that way. By volume of listening, I would compare it to reading at least two books a week.
So here goes, the links will take you to the websites – in the podcast store just search for the titles:

Faith Podcasts:

Ask Pastor John – This is daily audio clips of pastor John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions. Every time I listen to this I come away with new knowledge. I highly recommend this podcast.

5 Minutes in Church History – Dr. Stephen Nichols walks you through a brief history lesson on the people and places that shaped Christianity as we know it today. I’m not a huge history buff, but I’ve always found these extremely interesting!

Finances Podcasts:

Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired – This is a brand new podcast hosted by the legendary Chris Hogan. If you want to feel safe and prepared for financial retirement then you HAVE to listen to this. He won’t sugar coat the truth and I love it that way. There is real and practical advice in every single show. Highly recommend!

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show – My financial plan involves a lot of real estate investing so that I can have recurring income later in life – these guys teach so much practical advice that I end up with tons of notes after most episodes. Really knowledgeable guys and well put together show. If you want to know more about real estate go check ’em out. This won’t be for everyone though, search through the topics and try an episode that might seem interesting to you.

From Scratch – Host Jessica Harris interviews successful entrepreneurs who spill the beans about their upbringing and path to success. The podcast isn’t generally business, the focus is on the entrepreneur’s experiences and struggles leading up to their success. You will learn a lot from the stories of overcoming roadblocks. I love it!

Relationships / growth Podcasts:

The EntreLeadership Podcast – The lessons here stem from Dave Ramsey’s book EntreLeadership. You will learn about growing yourself as a leader, growing a healthy team, and so much more. Every episode has takeaways and practical wisdom. If I had to pick one personal development podcast this would be it.

The Robin Sharma mastery Sessions – Robin is a master communicator, I learn complex concepts because he knows how to break them down into bite-sized lessons. I love this podcast, it’s really motivating as I continue to pursue excellence in everything I do.

Hidden Brain – Funny, informative, smart! I love learning about new studies that explain why people (myself included) behave how we do – by learning behavioral psychology in a fun way I can check myself when I’m acting on impulse or habit. Very cool podcast!

This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt – Time management, personal goal setting, and so much more! I love Michael’s dedication to streamlining everything he does so that he is as productive as possible while also maintaining a solid work-life balance. Great lessons!

Fun and Interesting Podcasts:

Surprisingly Awesome – If you think that concrete and broccoli are boring to talk about at a party then guess again! It’s random stuff that turns out to be, well, surprisingly awesome! Not all episodes have worked out to be awesome, but the majority are really fun to listen to!

Freakonomics Radio – Science, politics, social psychology, and so much more… I leave every episode with knowledge that actually helps me navigate modern craziness. Give a few episodes a shot, if you still don’t like it then you can return to living under your rock. JK 😉

Stuff You Should Know – Fun episodes on topics that are just fun to know about. I don’t subscribe to this but whenever my wife and I are traveling and have time we find topics we both find interesting like how a circus works! Scroll through the feed of past episodes and I guarantee you will find something you wish you knew more about.

Homeschooling IRL – This is another “when mama’s in the car” show. Since we homeschool it’s nice to learn from a Christian couple who has the same hopes regarding their kids’ education as we do. They have a lot of experience and they are really funny as well. Good listen if you homeschool or have ever thought about it.

So that’s it! I know it’s a big list but don’t think of these as shows that you have to stay current with to follow along – pick and chose episodes to listen to and delete the rest. Again, this is the list that matches my interests and growth areas – there are a ton of good shows out there so if you find one I should know about please let me know! The important thing is that you aren’t listening to the same top-10 music list for the 1000th time instead of learning something instead!

Happy listening and as always, let’s end average together.

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