I thought I would write about patience for my post on www.EndAverage.com. Why talk about patience? Because I think that is the secret sauce, the 11 herbs and spices, the special formula that is missing and why people aren’t achieving greater things in their life. Whether it is health, wealth, or happiness – once someone starts taking action towards a goal they have set, the one that usually comes up missing is patience.

Let me explain further…

Most people can relate to a health-type goal, so let’s start with that. Maybe you have set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight, or you know someone who has. Maybe you start off really excited. Start going to the gym, eating ‘right’, getting plenty of sleep. A few weeks go by, and you lose some weight up front, but then the losses stop. There could be many reasons to why that occurred, but fundamentally you start losing motivation. It is possible your body was close to making more progress, but instead of letting it get there you cut your diet and exercise routine, saying ‘it’s not worth it’ and go back to eating S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) foods and being sedentary. You could have been on the cusp of breaking through the plateau while also creating a new, permanent healthy lifestyle habit.

I see this a lot in business as well as health. People give up when they are so close. But what if you knew that the end result of your efforts would work out? What if you knew 100% that at the end of a year you would achieve your business goals? What if it took two years but was 100% guaranteed? Would you stick with it then? How about five years, but for sure it would work out? What if your goal was health related and I said to you that after 12 months, you would achieve your goal weight? If those scenarios were the case, with those kinds of guarantees in place, would you quit when the going got tough, or would you push through?

I think the big issue with persistence comes when we doubt the outcome will really occur. Can we really lose that weight? Will that business idea really work out? Can we really have the relationship of our dreams? Our society has conditioned us to expect and accept mediocrity (which is why this site, End Average, feels so revolutionary!). Do we deserve to create more and better for ourselves and those around us? Doubt sucks. It kills dreams. And usually when we are closing to achieving them.

Check out this picture below. It has floated around online for years, but it is a perfect illustration of what might be happening in your life. And why it is important to never give up. You never know how close you are to what you seek!



Alright, I know it’s easy to say ‘be patient’ and ‘work hard, never give up’. Those sound great on motivational posters, like the one with the cat hanging from the tree branch. But HOW do you do ‘patience’?

Since I am all about ACTION and ABUNDANCE here are some steps to take:

The first step is to know your BIG WHY. Ryan wrote a great article about that HERE to help with determining what your purpose in life is and how to get connected with it.

The second step is to make sure your goal is in alignment with your BIG WHY. If your goal does not match up, you will struggle to stick with it.

The third step is to set a realistic yet risky timeline for your goal. Realistic means it is possible – would it be realistic to set a goal to lose 50 pounds in 3 months? Maybe not (and that might not be healthy). 30 pounds in 3 months? Yes – more realistic. Risky? Depends on what you are willing to do to make it happen, and where you are at now.

Lastly, always remember that where you are at today is a compilation of what you have been doing your whole life – 20, 30, 40+ years. If you grew up eating fast food and other unhealthy foods (like I did) then change won’t happen overnight. If you have stayed up late each night watching mindless TV for most of your life (like I did) then it will be a struggle at first to create a new routine where you wake up early in the morning to start your day off right. That is where patience comes in. Rome wasn’t burnt in a day! Change won’t happen in a single day, or week, or maybe even month. It may take a lot longer than you had hoped. And it will be easier to stick with your goal if you know your BIG WHY and use that to drive you to get up early each day,

or make healthier lifestyle choices, or put in extra effort to build that business or write that book. Whatever ‘it’ is, your success will come as long as you TAKE ACTION and are PATIENT.

[guestpost]Cutter, Jason - Headshot2What makes Jason unique in the business and coaching worlds is his diverse experiences. From technical support at Microsoft, to mortgage loan officer, sales and call center management, to business development – everything that he has done centers around a) helping people in some way, and b) operational effectiveness. This range of knowledge cannot be found in a book, and Jason has found all of his experience and knowledge that he has picked up along the road of life allow him to help coach people towards what they feel is important in their lives. The main focus when helping people is to get them ‘unstuck’ and past Analysis Paralysis. Instead of the ‘standard’ coaching 1-on-1 coaching model, Jason chose to create an online coaching program to allow for a larger amount of people to achieve abundance in their lives. Jason currently lives in Spokane, WA with his wife and two children.

Read more about Abundance at www.CoachingToAbundance.com [/guestpost]



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