When it comes to getting to the next level in health, finances, relationships, and faith it is an absolute truth that indifference is a disease.
Indifference is the tarnish and rust that ruin a once-beautiful sculpture. Indifference causes waistlines and credit card balances to enlarge while allowing relationships and faith to dwindle.

Are you “meh” about any of the categories in your life? Are you complacent in all of them?

Making a change or starting a growth habit is not easy, but if you want your life to change you have to put in the effort and get mad about the indifference that afflicts you.

Make one better food choice today.
Find one motivator that helps you stick to your budget today.
Say something nice to that special someone in your life.
Do a random act of kindness today.

Imagine the world where everyone did this for a whole week.

Let’s end Average together.

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