Definition of Life Sleepwalker – The tragic reality that the majority of humans experience. Life Sleepwalking is the act of wandering through life one day at a time, expecting things to become better. Living in expectation of the next promotion, of the retirement party, of the empty nest. The sleepwalker looks back on an unfulfilled life that should have been better. You can hear them say “if only I knew then what I know now”, and “I should have started sooner”, and “I should have…would have…could have…”.

Synonyms for Life Sleepwalker include – Average. Lazy. Complacent. Not urgent.

It does not need to be like this. The decisions you make today get you closer to, or further away from becoming who you should be.

Is it really that important? Hell yeah. It’s urgent! Don’t wait until the next batch of New Year’s resolutions. The time to think about it is now.

What needs to happen? What’s the one thing you always wanted to do? Start with that.

-You want to climb a mountain? Then dust off the boots and start with a long walk. Today.

-You don’t feel ready for retirement? Stop waiting to get help, face the numbers head on and do what you need to do. Face reality.

-You want to mentor someone in their walk with God? Stop waiting until you think you know the Bible “well enough”. Find someone who hasn’t come as far as you have and help them in any way they need it. They may not know what questions to ask and that’s OK. You can be the good influence that they need.

-You want to get that good habit set? Surround yourself with people who already have that habit and talk about it. Watch them. Learn. Do.

 Be intentional about your day!

The antonyms for Life Sleepwalker are – Achiever. Goal getter. Intentional. My cup isn’t just half full, it overflows!

The whole key here is that you apply intentionality to the things you do. It’s completely up to you to make sure that you do not end up with a mediocre life. Our time here is precious, so let’s make the best of it.

Let’s stop average living in its tracks.

Let’s end average together.


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