At my last annual physical my doctor said something that made me laugh. He said “people make time to eat and use the bathroom (paraphrasing for PG ratings sake), and if they want to live long they will make time for fitness as well. It’s just as important as eating and pooping”. He’s right! But I still have to force myself to figure out when and how to do it.

Let’s start a conversation about staying motivated for fitness. I’m curious to know how you feel about this and to find out what works and what doesn’t work for you. I’ve found that my excuses will get the best of me for periods of time and I really have to push to get back into my fitness routine.

Don’t overthink this!

My goal here is not to encourage some hardcore workout or fitness routine. I just want to promote ANY kind of consistent activity that will help you get back into shape. The health reasons are obvious: less sickness, better energy, longer life, less pain, etc… Even though we know all of these fantastic side effects are only a jog away from being ours, we still seem to be ignoring the practice! Some of the most common excuses I use are random pain and injuries, and lack of time. What do you do to overcome your slumps in motivation?

Let’s become part of the solution.

Tell me what works for you! Hit me up in the comments below or on Facebook. I want to learn from you so that we can start to turn the tides in our generation. We’re well on our way! The attention people are paying to the quality of food, and to growing epidemics like childhood obesity and preventable diseases is fantastic. The resources are out there, you can check out my friends over at Positive Health and Wellness, they have a ton of great content to get you started. So let’s be part of the solution here!

Let’s end sedentary and unhealthy routines. Let’s end average together.


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  1. I realize this is an old post. But here are my five tricks:
    1) I always try to have a goal several months out. For me, it’s usually a marathon or a triathlon.
    2) I make my goals known publically. I tell my Sunday School class. Post it on Facebook. Tell my workout friends. Etc.
    3) I stick to a schedule. I try to find a training schedule for my particular race and then adapt it to my calendar.
    4) I do the really boring stuff in a group. For me, that’s swimming. So I joined a masters men’s swim group.
    5) I give myself a couple of months off a year. The period when the summer is hottest and the winter is coldest (I don’t live in So. Cal.) also usually corresponds with two of the busiest seasons at the church so I crank way back on exercise during those months and only workout a couple times a week. Giving myself mental permission for this is really helpful.

    • Fantastic points, Ryan!
      I agree with every one of these! I signed up for a Tough Mudder race a year out and it was the first time I did something like that specifically to help me stay motivated. Making my fitness part of a morning routine is also immensely useful to keep with it.

      Thank you for posting these great points, sir. Well said!

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