Every morning, while the sun is coming up, you can rest assured that bases everywhere have soldiers getting set up to do morning fitness training, known as PT or physical training. Every one of them has to constantly maintain or improve their fitness so that they are ready for anything at all times. But guess what? They aren’t going to a gym. Soldiers become fit by using nothing more than the ground and extremely basic equipment. They use K.I.S.S. Fitness. You can do exactly the same thing. K.I.S.S. is a fun little acronym I like to apply to just about everything I do. It stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. You can substitute Stupid for Sweetheart or Sugarplum if that makes you happier. We often come up with excuses to ignore our health, but I want to take away two of the biggest excuses we use: time and money. I know time and money seem like good excuses… I’ve used them too! But if a soldier deployed to Iraq who doesn’t have access to a gym or training equipment can roll up balls of barbed wire and put them on the ends of a bar so he can get a workout in, then we have no excuse to not use some ingenuity and discipline here at home.

Excuse #1 – I don’t have enough time to work out.

So let’s talk about time. In my phase of life, I simply do not have the luxury of spending a couple hours at a gym every day. This is a reality for so many people. However, living healthy is a priority for me so I had to figure it out. I want to take care of my body preventatively so that I’m not chasing ailments later on in life. The problem is that getting to a gym, exercising, and getting back home would take me an hour and a half or more. With three little kids waking up between six and seven AM, I can’t just go do that every day. But I absolutely can wake up a little early and work out at home for 30 minutes. If it’s really a priority for you, you will find the time. You can wake up early, use your lunch break, take time after work, or once the kids are in bed for the night. Here’s an idea… only let yourself watch evening TV if you’ve done a quick workout!

Excuse #2 – I don’t have enough money to join a gym or fitness club.

The second excuse I’m about to steal from you is that getting fit costs too much. Investing in your health is just as important as investing in your 401k. If you can’t get out of a chair to play with your grandkids, then what’s the point of all that money? Investing in health comes in a few different forms, like gym memberships, buying healthier foods, or sacrificing those extra 30 minutes of sleep. And while it’s important to make the investment, it is true that gyms can get expensive, and personal trainers are not cheap. So if you are in a situation where finances are too tight for you to go to a facility that has equipment ready for you, you are going to have to make due without the fancy stuff. Luckily for you, that’s exactly how people got and stayed fit for thousands of years before gyms were a “thing”. In Bible times, all it took to stay fit was to walk places, eat real food, and drink water. If you needed extra muscle to perform your work (soldiers or athletes) then they amped it up to running and picking up heavy things.

The solution – Keep it simple, stupid!

Just keep it simple! Going outside for a jog (or at least a brisk walk) – simple and free. Follow a yoga video on Youtube – simple and free. Take a 30-day challenge ab workout – simple and free. Both of those links are good places to start. The sidewalk outside has been calling your name! In time, you can add inexpensive tools like dumbbells or a pull-up bar to your home, but for now, just know that you are a few pushups (a few lifts of a milk jug) away from a great and absolutely FREE workout! Stop making excuses and just try something!

The moral of the story is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to improve your fitness level. This is really about your priorities. If you decide that you are a person that wants to stay healthy into your golden years, then the excuses start to disappear. Let’s not let excuses get in the way of our health! And if health isn’t a high priority in your life, I strongly recommend you start rethinking your priorities. Keep it simple, learn as you go, and don’t get frustrated with yourself. The habits you form now will form what your life looks like later. Let’s end average fitness today by shedding lame excuses.

Let’s End Average Together!


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