A concept to think about as you go through the week:

Did I sweat?

Did you get out of your comfort zone so that you could become better in finances, health, relationships, or faith? If the answer is NO, then consider this: when an olympic sprinter goes for a jog, they do not sweat. That slow jog does not push them beyond what they’re already comfortable with. The only way for them to improve is to push beyond their limits and increase in strength. And you should be doing the same in at least one of the main areas of your life. Just because you are “doing well” and there are others who may be “doing worse” than you, does not mean that you should slack off or not push yourself to improve. The only comparison we should be making is to ourselves.

Am I a better version of me than I was yesterday?

Pick something to improve this week, push it till you sweat. Literally perspire if it’s fitness. Figuratively sweat if you are choosing to be wiser with money. If it’s broken relationships you need to mend, well, that might actually make you break a sweat.

Remember that if you aren’t pushing a personal boundary, limit, or flaw then you are just treading water.

Get out there and push today. Do it again tomorrow. Let’s end average comfort-zone living. Let’s end average together.

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