Be the man God intended you to be.

The League Starter Guide

Ready to Help Others End Average?

You don’t need to go it alone on your End Average journey. I know from experience that building a network of like-minded brothers, who are all in pursuit of Christ and bettering themselves, will help you succeed at becoming the man God intended you to be.

Which is why, even if you don’t think you’re ready, I’d encourage you to download my free League of Imperfect Gentlemen Starter Guide. The guide will walk you through how to build and maintain a different kind of Christian men’s group – one that strives for depth in discussion, vulnerability, accountability, and friendship. And together, you will become the men that God intends you to be.

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Who Is Ryan Hansen?

As I started my journey toward becoming the man God intended me to be, I knew I was average. Perhaps below average. I was a mediocre husband, my family and I were living paycheck to paycheck, and my closest friends hardly recognized that I was a Christian.

Deep down, I knew there was more to life than what I was doing in that moment. That there had to be more.

The hardest part of attempting to become more than average is that being average is comfortable. Our culture encourages us to be average – to settle for less than. To not speak our mind or stand by our beliefs. But I knew that not only could I be better than that, I needed to be better than that.

And eventually, after I’d worked hard to better myself, I knew I could help others become better, too.

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